The second IONS Germany meeting took place in Erlangen from 20th to 22nd of May and we did not miss it. hbar OMEGA, the OSA student chapter of Erlangen and the newly founded MPL Erlangen EPS Young Minds Section welcomed us and the chapters from Berlin, Munich and Ilmenau with a talk about preparation and submission of papers given by the senior editor Dr. Rachel Won, from Nature Photonics. After the talk we had a short lab tour in the university of Erlangen and then we enjoyed a delicious barbecue. The second day was intense and great, with lab tours in the morning at the Max Plank Institute, the presentations of the different student chapters in the afternoon in the Schloss, the visit to the Steinbach Bräu were we could enjoy the beer from Erlangen in the evening and a pub crawl at night. To finish the weekend, we had a guided tour through Nürnberg on Sunday. Our hosts did an excellent job organizing this event which joined science and fun one more time. We are looking forward IONS 1012!

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