Wanted: OSKar representatives at SPIE and OSA conferences

The next Student Leadership Conferences of our Partner Organizations SPIE and OSA take place on 16-21 August 2014 in San Diego, California, (SPIE conference with complementary registration for the Optics + Photonics conference) and on 19-23 October 2014 in Tucson, Arizona (OSA conference with complementary registration for the Frontiers in Optics conference in Tucson).

OSA & SPIE offer us travel grants for one student for each conference. The workshops are great opportunities to meet optics students from all over the world and to learn key competences how to manage a student chapter.

We have to choose who will represent OSKar at these conferences. Therefore we will hold elections on an OSKar general meeting on 11th of March18:30 at the LTI conference room (227.1). Everbody who was ever involved in the organization of any OSKar activity can apply to be the representative.

How to apply: If you like to be the OSKar representative at one of this conferences, you can send an application letter till  8th of March to Anirudhan with the content: Why should it be you who is representing OSKar? Where do you see your role in OSKar in the future (e.g. becoming an officer…)? How will the chapter benefit if you attend the conferences? Which is your preferred conference?

The Application letters will be distributed over the OSKar-internal mailing lists. If anybody likes to be involved in further OSKar activities, you can be added to this list by contacting Johannes.

Further information on the OSA conference: http://www.osa.org/en-us/membership_education/student_services/student_chapter_benefits/annual_student_leadership_conference/

Further information in the SPIE conference: http://spie.org/x103104.xml (Homepage of 2013)

Questions about these conferences are also welcomed at out next Stammtisch at Café Oxford on Thursday, 6th of March at 7p.m.!

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