OSA traveling lecturer talk at KSOP summer school

Within the framework of the OSA traveling lecturer program, OSKar invited Dr. Bruce Horwitz to give a talk on Intellectual Property. The talk took place on Monday 8th of September 2014 at 4:45 p.m. at the KSOP summer schooKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAl in Bad Herrenalb.

Abstract: What They Don’t Teach You at the University: IP for Engineering Students

You just had a major breakthrough in your thesis work that could lead to a valuable commercial product and you want to present your work as a poster at a conference. Should you? Might your breakthrough be a patentable invention? Do you have to get permission from the university? What happens to your invention after you graduate? Does it make a difference if you stay in academia or go to work for a start-up?

Many engineering students are left in the dark about what makes an invention patentable, what the process is for evaluating your invention, how you file for a patent, or what you really have once you get a patent. Most people know it’s expensive but have no idea about what their alternatives are or what they should be doing to maximize their (or their employer’s) return on this investment.

In this presentation I shed some light on these types of intellectual property issues from the perspective of the engineering student. Understanding the basics of intellectual property will make you a better employee if you leave the university after graduation or help you benefit from your research if you stay in academia.

Come prepared to ask questions – this is a seminar to help you deal with what has become an important asset to companies world-wide but is typically neglected by university curricula.


A report by Philipp Brenner

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