IONS Karlsruhe 2015

OSKar was delighted to host the IONS Karlsruhe 2015 conference. This International OSA Network of Students conference brought together optics students from around the world, mostly PhD and Master students working in the field of optics and photonics. The organization committee consists of people from more than 10 different countries who came together to organize this scientific conference. The goal of the organizers was to give participants the opportunity to establish unique and worldwide contacts, have scientific and educational discussions with companions and professionals, open new horizons and gain essential knowledge in variety of research fields in Optics.

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IONS Karlsruhe 2015 brought together 80 people from more than 30 countries

During the IONS conference six invited speakers gave plenary talks on exciting topics such as “Compound eye optics: the slimmest cameras in the world”, “Beyond the scientific method for career success“, “Nonlinear optics with single photons”, “Optics and photonics – challenges in solar energy”, “New lighting technologies…the good, the bad, the crazy” and “The other world seen by animals”.

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Winners of the best talk and best poster awards together with OSA and OSKar representatives. From left: Ronny Foerster, Michael Brueckner, Donie Yidenekachew, Andrei Krochin (Scientific group leader), Sambit Mitra, Marta Lange, Dr. Gregory Quarles (OSA board member)

The conference was accompanied by the networking session and several social activities to stimulate an exchange between the participants beyond the scientific level and to enable intercultural networking, one of the main objectives of IONS Karlsruhe 2015.

Besides the scientific and social program, OSKar arranged a photo competition devoted to the International Year of Light 2015. Since this part of the conference was intended as an outreach project towards the general public, it was held in Karlsruhe’s main train station. In addition to the outreach aspect, the exhibition at the train station gave us the opportunity to welcome our participants at the point where they reached the city first.

The organization of IONS Karlsruhe 2015 was a tremendous effort by our whole student chapter, but it also resulted in very rewarding three days. The feedback from the participants has been unequivocally positive. Despite the work, we would love to repeat organizing a conference like this again in the future, because we think it can be an important experience of every young researcher’s life. The experience gained in terms of project management, intercultural communication, time-management and the volunteering for a professional society are invaluable.

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