Fraunhofer Talk by Dr. Eilenberger, KIT 2016

On April 20th, OSKar invited Dr. Falk Eilenberger, from Fraunhofer IOF, to give a talk on applications on nano-optics. The talk was held in the lecture hall of Lichttechnisches Insititut (LIT), at the KIT. Our secretary, Orlando Torres introduced the speaker. This lecture gave rise to huge interest among the students. The most impressive part was the anticipation of the development of the future of optics, i.e. optics in a very small size down to the nano-scale.

Dr. Eilenberger’s talk gave our students a space for discussion about nanoscience. Nanoscience is not only the concern of optics, but also the focus of many other research directions. We can imagine that in the coming years, the applications in nano-optics and other branches of nanoscience will play a broader and more significant role in our life.


After the talk, our colleague in charge of public relations, Isabel Allegro, also interviewed some of the audience for feedback. The interviewees regarded this lecture as comprehensive and helpful. Our chapter will provide as more attractive activities as possible in the future.

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