Excursion to Karl Storz, Tuttlingen 2016


Tuttlingen by the Danube

On the 12th of July, OSKar and KSOP organized a visit to Karl Storz, located in the beautiful city of Tuttlingen by the Danu be (Donau). Karl Storz is a family-owned company, after its founder Karl Storz died in 1996, his daughter took his position and has received several awards since then.

Karl Storz produces endoscopes (from greek “look” “inside”) for several applications. Apart from their known use in humans and animals, endoscopes are also needed to check airplanes (engines), old buildings and cars.

KS integrated OR

Integrated Operation Room

The visit started with a tour through the production site, where the students met several employees and got to know their work in detail. All components used in the endoscopes, such as lenses and optical fibers, are produced at Karl Storz. Even the software and the special furniture in the integrated OR (operation room) are designed and fabricated by the company itself.

During the tour through the “World of endoscopes“ the participants saw how the endoscopes are used in medicine and had the opportunity of participating in a simulation of a liver operation. They also got to know the most advanced endoscopes and their applications in daily life. At the end of the tour the students learned how fluorescent markers are used to detect cancer cells. After illuminating the tissue of interest with a blue spectrum, cancer cells emit in the red region of the spectrum and are easily detected by colour contrast imaging.

Finally there was a question and answer session about internships, thesis and job opportunities at Karl Storz with the HR Department, which was very helpful and enlightening for the Master’s and PhD students. A KSOP alumni also took part in this last session, talking to the students and explaining his steps towards working at Karl Storz.

karl storz


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