Connecting you to your career by Dr. Arlene Smith, Karlsruhe July 2016

Arlene (2)Last Friday, 29th of July of 2016, OSKar had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Arlene Smith, OSA Outstanding Young Professional, to give a presentation about Networking in the field of Optics. Our guest speaker started with an introduction about the Optical Society (OSA) and its 100th anniversary, and followed with a detailed description of her career and how being a member of OSA helped her to forge her path in the Optics community.

During her Ph.D. at the National University of Ireland, Galway, Dr. Smith founded the NUI Galway Student Chapter and since then has been very active, organizing and attending conferences (e.g. IONS) and doing volunteer work for the OSA. In 2014 Dr. Smith was granted the OSA Outstanding Young Professional Award.

Arlene presentation (2)

Throughout her career, Dr. Smith was involved in several different areas, from optical modelling to biomedical imaging, leading to her current position as a Product Engineer at Avo Photonics. This contrast between academia and industry was very interesting and helpful for the students to get an impression on the different career paths they may chose.

This talk was very well received by the students who are now eager to engage in networking activities, as suggested by our guest speaker. The OSKar team is very grateful to Dr. Arlene Smith for accepting the invitation and giving this great talk to our students!

Arlene bbq

Barbecue with Dr. Arlene Smith and the students

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