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Dr. John Degnan on LIDAR altimetry single-photon measurements

On June 12 2016, Dr. John Degnan delighted the students of the Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics and the physics department of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with a talk about altimetry and measurement techniques using lasers in what is known as 3D LIDAR imaging. The evening kicked off with some ice-breaking coffee session where some students were able to talk to each other and catch up with the pace of the lectures in the summer semester, and discuss with some of the senior students about prospects after graduation, specialization lectures and many other topics.
A few minutes after six, Dr. Degnan kicked off his presentation with some discussion about the theoretical background of LIDAR technology, as well as the historical reference on measurements of altimetry and the historical developments in which Dr. Degnan participated. After the talk, some students had a chance to go deeper into the topic of LIDAR and possible future cooperations and research opportunities.


The discussion was accompanied with  some refreshments and a big Brezel sandwich.



09. July 2017 by otorres
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