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Past Events: Highlights

Below you can see a selection of our past events.

OSA Traveling Lecture 2016 – Prof. Xu on Multi-photon Bio-imaging

Yesterday, the 29th of June 2016, OSKar hosted another OSA Traveling Lecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, sponsored by the Optical Society. This year we invited OSA fellow Professor Chris Xu from Cornell university to give a presentation on Multi-photon Bio-imaging.

DSC_0061 DSC_0082

Several students and professors of different backgrounds and research areas attended the talk and were amazed by Professor’s Xu presentation. The main focus of the talk was on the improved imaging of a mouse’s brain by using 2 and 3-photon-absorption. Followed by the lecture there was a small meet up with food and drinks, where the attendees could talk to the Professor in a more relaxed atmosphere. We are very grateful to OSA and specially Professor Xu for this exciting event.


Fraunhofer Talk by Dr. Eilenberger, KIT – April 2016

On April 20th, OSKar invited Dr. Falk Eilenberger, from Fraunhofer IOF, to give a talk on applications on nano-optics. The talk was held in the lecture hall of Lichttechnisches Insititut (LIT), at the KIT. Our secretary, Orlando Torres introduced the speaker. This lecture gave rise to huge interest among the students. The most impressive part was the anticipation of the development of the future of optics, i.e. optics in a very small size down to the nano-scale.

Dr. Eilenberger’s talk gave our students a space for discussion about nanoscience. Nanoscience is not only the concern of optics, but also the focus of many other research directions. We can imagine that in the coming years, the applications in nano-optics and other branches of nanoscience will play a broader and more significant role in our life.


After the talk, our colleague in charge of public relations, Isabel Allegro, also interviewed some of the audience for feedback. The interviewees regarded this lecture as comprehensive and helpful. Our chapter will provide as more attractive activities as possible in the future.

Excursion to SICK AG, Waldkirch – January 2016

On January 27th, under the leading of Dr. Martin Lauer from the Institute of Measurement and Control Systems (MRT) at the KIT, a group of our OSKar members with other KSOP master students paid a visit to SICK AG. This company is located in Freiburg in Breisgau and has earned a reputation around Germany for its optical sensing technology.


The staff there guided us through their production line and logistics department, and gave us an introduction on the history and newly developed products of the company. Afterwards they made two presentations for us: one of them focused on the technical development of SICK’s products, and the other concerning mainly the career and job opportunities in the company. Through this visit, our students gained more knowledge on the optical sensing and its applications in security, communication and other fields.




Stammtisch at Karlsruhe Christmas-market – December 2015

DSC_0058Last week, OSKar organized the traditional Stammtisch at the Karlsruhe Christmas-market. OSKarians and friends got together to enjoy the Christmas spirit and the typical food and drinks of this time. We also organized a small “treasure hunt” in order for everyone to get to know the different stands of the Christmas-market.


Winners of the treasure hunt, Artyom and Tatyana

DSC_0075 DSC_0071



Excursion to Agilent, Waldbronn – November 2015

On November 20th 2015, OSKar organized an excursion to Agilent, Waldbronn. Docents of our members took part in this event, and got more insights about the company’s development status, researching projects and manufacturing facilities.


Several sessions of introduction presentations were given by the company’s senior managers, engineers and research scientists. Through their talks, our members had the opportunity to view the worldwide technical giant from different aspects. The presentation was followed by a visit to the producing department, where the engineers introduced Agilent’s product lines and ultra-clean rooms in more details.



The final part of the excursion was a group discussion between the staff of Agilent and our OSKar members. The former shared quite a lot of experience in engineering, research and career planning, which made the whole excursion perfectly fruitful.




IONS Karlsruhe – June 2015

OSKar was delighted to host the IONS Karlsruhe 2015 conference. This International OSA Network of Students conference brought together optics students from around the world, mostly PhD and Master students working in the field of optics and photonics. The organization committee consists of people from more than 10 different countries who came together to organize this scientific conference. The goal of the organizers was to give participants the opportunity to establish unique and worldwide contacts, have scientific and educational discussions with companions and professionals, open new horizons and gain essential knowledge in variety of research fields in Optics.

ions all

IONS Karlsruhe 2015 brought together 80 people from more than 30 countries

During the IONS conference six invited speakers gave plenary talks on exciting topics such as “Compound eye optics: the slimmest cameras in the world”, “Beyond the scientific method for career success“, “Nonlinear optics with single photons”, “Optics and photonics – challenges in solar energy”, “New lighting technologies…the good, the bad, the crazy” and “The other world seen by animals”.

ions scientific

Winners of the best talk and best poster awards together with OSA and OSKar representatives. From left: Ronny Foerster, Michael Brueckner, Donie Yidenekachew, Andrei Krochin (Scientific group leader), Sambit Mitra, Marta Lange, Dr. Gregory Quarles (OSA board member)


The conference was accompanied by the networking session and several social activities to stimulate an exchange between the participants beyond the scientific level and to enable intercultural networking, one of the main objectives of IONS Karlsruhe 2015.

Besides the scientific and social program, OSKar arranged a photo competition devoted to the International Year of Light 2015. Since this part of the conference was intended as an outreach project towards the general public, it was held in Karlsruhe’s main train station. In addition to the outreach aspect, the exhibition at the train station gave us the opportunity to welcome our participants at the point where they reached the city first.

The organization of IONS Karlsruhe 2015 was a tremendous effort by our whole student chapter, but it also resulted in very rewarding three days. The feedback from the participants has been unequivocally positive. Despite the work, we would love to repeat organizing a conference like this again in the future, because we think it can be an important experience of every young researcher’s life. The experience gained in terms of project management, intercultural communication, time-management and the volunteering for a professional society are invaluable.




Excursion to TRUMPF, Ditzingen – February 2015

On February 3rd, an excursion to TRUMPF was organized by OSKar, where participants had an opportunity to get insights about the company’s manufacturing facilities and interact with professionals.

The introduction presentation served well with the company’s history, worldwide collaborations and production facilities. The presentation was followed by excursion to the work-stations where entire manufacturing process was explained and an introduction to the laser cutting and punching machines was also made. The excursion was concluded with technical information about EUV lithography and different programs offered for students and entry level professionals to gain a fruitful experience.

SPIE Visiting Lecturer Lorenzo Pavesi, about Silicon Photonics – October 2014

It was a pleasure for OSKar to welcome Professor Lorenzo Pavesi from the University of Trento on the 27th of October. He gave a talk entitled ,,Silicon Photonics: is there light at the end of the tunnel?” at 6 p.m. at the LTI lecture hall.  We heavily thank SPIE for sponsoring this event. The lecture was attended by more than 50 students, who had been really impressed about the tremendous progress which had gone on in Silicon Photonics in the last years. Now we now that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Professor Pavesi for enlightening us!

picture_lecture picture_audience

SPIE President meets OSKar – July 2014

SPIE President 2014The SPIE President Dr. H. Philip Stahl visited OSKar and KIT and presented a talk on 9th July 2014.

Title   –  James Webb Space Telescope: The First Light Machine
Speaker –  Dr. H. Philip Stahl, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Abstract: Scheduled to begin its 10 year mission after 2018, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will search for the first luminous objects of the Universe to help answer fundamental questions about how the Universe came to look like it does today. At 6.5 meters in diameter, JWST will be the world’s largest space telescope. This talk reviews science objectives for JWST and how they drive the JWST architecture, e.g. aperture, wavelength range and operating temperature. Additionally, the talk provides an overview of the JWST primary mirror technology development and fabrication status.

It was our pleasure to welcome SPIE President here at KIT!



Lasertag with jDPG Karlsruhe – January 2014

On 14th of January, OSKar organized a first joint event with the jDPG in Karlsruhe. We met at the Laser Base in Karlsruhe to look at a funny side of optics, shooting around laser beams while playing the modern version of paint ball.
We thank the jDPG for taking part in this event and we look forward to further collaboration for scientific and social events in the future.

Gruppenfoto OSKar



Talk on ‘Photonic devices in motion’ – November 2013

Mo-newAs a part of OSA’s travelling lecturer program, OSKar organised a talk on 12th November 2013.

Title        –  Photonic devices in motion
Speaker –  Prof. Mo Li, University of Minnesota

Abstract: Even in a simple optics experiment, mirrors, lens and lasers have to be moved around to align and adjust to make the optical system operational. In integrated optical devices, however, every optical component is carved into the semiconductor or glass substrate. Thus their optical functions can hardly be changed, despite there is need to control their properties. In this talk, I will present several different ways to move integrated photonic devices to order to reconfigure their functions, to achieve high precision measurement of minute forces and to couple RF and microwave signals with light. We first demonstrate moving integrated waveguides by using forces generated by light on a silicon chip to excite the device’s mechanical vibration. We experimentally prove the theoretical prediction that this new optical force is bipolar – its direction can be tuned to be attractive or repulsive by changing the relative optical phase of coupled light waves, resembling the Coulomb force between positive and negative charges. We show the exploitation of optical forces in a variety of interesting optomechanical structures, including photonic crystal, micro-disk optical resonators and cavity optomechanics, and applications in advanced sensing and optical communication. Second, we will show that gigahertz surface acoustic waves (SAW) can be excited on the surface of integrated photonic devices build on piezoelectric substrates to interact with light strongly. This leads to a new category of piezo-photonic device with potential applications in RF/microwave photonics. Finally, we will demonstrate processes to transfer photonic devices onto plastic substrates to make them mechanically flexible and tunable.



Excursion to Helmholtz Institute of Microstructure Technology – October 2013

OSKar organised an excursion to one of the Helmholtz Institutes in Karlsruhe, IMT for the new KSOP intake of 2013 in October 22nd, 2013.  Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT) is to accomplish research and development in the fields of microstructure and microsystems technology as well as bordering nanotechnology and sciences in general. More than 25 students participated in this excursion and experienced the latest development in the field of nano and microstructure technology. PhD students showed around the large variety of manufacturing processes, test methods, and state-of-the-art equipment for lithographic structuring (electron beam lithography, deep X-ray lithography, and UV lithography) and replication methods (hot embossing, thermoforming, and nanoimprint). Students were fascinated with the large and exotic clean-room facilities. The excursion was finished with drinks and pretzel.


Visit to Leica – July 2013

OSKar, along with support from KSOP, organized a visit to the German lens manufacturing giant, LEICA on 10th July 2013. Leica’s factory at Solms is one of its biggest lens manufacturing units with capabilities to produce the complex lens units for its M9 series cameras. About 20 students from KSOP had the opportunity to witness the whole lens manufacturing process starting from the grinding of lenses until their final assembly into cameras.




Trip to Munich – May 2013

In May 2013 several conferences and a SPIE Student Chapter Leadership Workshop (SCLW) took place in Munich on Sunday, May 12th, 2013.
A group of 16 OSKar members joined the workshop, the conference with company exhibit and a lab tour at the Max Planck Institute.

The Workshop was be held by Jean-luc Doumont, who is just the most awesome lecturer ever, you can really learn something from him:

Student Chapter Leadership Workshop:



Fraunhofer IOSB lab Tour – January 2013

On Thursday 31st Jan 2013, 12 students visited the Fraunhofer IOSB adaptive optics lab in Ettlingen. The tour started with a short presentation on Introduction to the Fraunhofer institute and then proceeded to adaptive optics lab. Here the students had a wonderful opportunity to have a look at the experimental set-ups as well as directly interact with Dr. Szymon Gładysz on the topic. Later there was a wonderful presentation on holography and its application. There were quite a few demonstration of various aspects of holography and its real time application.


IMG_2986 IMG_2987 IMG_2988













Excursion to INT and Nanoscribe – November 2012

On Thursday, the 15th of November 2012, OSKar went with 20 interested optics students to Campus North of the Karlruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in order to visit the Institute of Nanotechnology (INT) and the KIT Spin-off company nanoscribe. At INT Dr. Wolfram Pernice gave a tour through the labs of INT and explained the current research projects of his group.

Later on at the KIT Incubator, Martin Hermatschweiler, CEO of Nanoscribe, presented an introduction to two-photon lithography and its application. We could also visit nanoscribe’s labs, experience a live lithography process and had an informal discussion with the CEO Martin Hermatschweiler about his company and entrepreneurship.



KSOP 2012 intake welcome party – October 2012

On Tuesday 9th Oct 2012, OSKar welcomed the multi-cultural KSOP’s master student. The student’s enjoyed the evening with Kase brötchen, Brezel, Beer, Music, Dance and Games. More than 30 young, energetic master students gathered at the International department ID BAR at the schlossplatz 19 to network with their peers.

Pizza Night – August 2012

On August 16 OSKar hold a Pizza Night as a social event to chat and discuss. Besides our own members we welcomed guests from the local IEEE and jDPG student branches as well as other students from optics related institutes at KIT.

A Tour to ANKA – July 2012

On Thursday 28.06.2012, 36 KSOP Master students joined the excursion to ANKA – the synchrotron facility at KIT campus north. This was quite exciting for the students since it was related to the lecture “Mircooptics and Lithography” by Dr. Timo Mappes. The tour started with a brief introduction of IMT (Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik) and the on–going research of the institute. This was followed by the detailed tour of the synchrotron facility. Here the students had a look at the storage ring as well as e-gun, microtron, beam lines, different types of magnetic poles, and booster synchrotron.

Excursion Fraunhofer IOSB – May 2012

Looking for new contacts with students in the field of optics, the Fraunhofer institute of optronic, system technic and image analysis (IOSB) found the OSKar website. The follow up of the first emails sent was a invitation to join one of their weekly seminars and a lab tour in the group of adaptive optics. On May 23th, a small group of students from KSOP, physics and electrical engineering went to Ettlingen to visit their labs and get in touch with the scientist. If you have an interest in the field of adaptive optics, they are looking for internship, thesis and position.

Case Study “James Webb Space Telescope” – May 2012

This case study was based on a real project in the field of aerospace carried out by the technology consulting company Altran. The all-day event was divided into two sessions: The morning session started with an overview of the company Altran including job opportunities, current projects and core competencies. This was followed by an introduction to the project “James Webb Space Telescope” focusing on its mission as well as technology and physics of the optical instruments. In the afternoon a technical and economical solution for given customer requirements was worked out in small teams.

Excursion to Trumpf-Laser in Schramberg – May 2012

On Thursday, 3rd of May 19 students visited the facility of TRUMPF-Laser in Schramberg. After a presentation on the company and on the Disc-Laser, we had an interesting tour through the fabrication and application center, including several demonstrations of cutting and welding of different materials. We would like to thank TRUMPF for the invitation and look forward to the continuation of the good partnership in the future. Back in Karlsruhe the excursion was followed by a barbecue of the participants and other OSKar members.


Internship Icebreaker – April 2012

In order to bridge the gap between internship or job applicants and the industry, OSKar organized the contact fair “Internship Icebreaker”, which was succesfully held for the third time on Thursday, 26 April in the Hector Auditorium. In an exclusive session in the morning the KSOP and Erasmus Mundus students introduced themselves while the companies had the opportunity to get to know the applicants in an interview. Other KIT students from different fields interested in job or internship offers in an optics related company joined the contact fair in the afternoon. OSKar thanks CeramOptec, Trumpf, Carl Zeiss, Nanoscribe, Osram and Agilent Technolgies for participating and we hope to see you again next year!

Erasmus Mundus Welcome Party – April 2012

On April 12 2012 OSKar gave a warm welcome to the new Erasmus Mundus students of the Optics and Photonics Master program. We had a gamesnite with Brezel and drinks in ID bar.

IONS-Germany 2012 in Karlsruhe – March 2012

IONS-Germany (International OSA Network of Students) is a dual social and educational event aimed at bringing optics and photonics students in Germany together to network and learn. It was taking place in the idyllic city of Karlsruhe from the 16th until the 18th of March 2012 and was hosted by OSKar for the first time. We welcomed about 60 students from Besançon, Erlangen (OSA + SPIE chapter), Ilmenau, Karlsruhe and Munich.

Key Highlights

  • Traveling lecturer and opening BBQ
  • Tour of KIT’s different laboratories
  • Karlsruhe city tour with ZKM visit (ZKM: Center for Art and Media)
  • Numerous socializing opportunities, including a pub crawl and a barbeque
  • Local lecturer

Speakers & Tours

  • Guest Lecturers: Prof. Dr. M. Aspelmeyer (University of Vienna) + Prof. Dr. T. Kippenberg (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne): “An Introduction to Quantum Optomechanics”
  • Local lecturer: Prof. Dr. J. Leuthold (KIT): “From Bits to Terabits”
  • Lab tours: Institute of Applied Physics (AP), Center for Functional Nanostructures (CFN), Institute for Photonics and Quantum Electronics (IPQ), Light Technology Institute (LTI), Institute of Measurement & Control Technology (MRT)



Besançon visit – November 2011

From November 14th to 16th, OSKar members were invited to Besançon to attend a convention with other OSA Student chapter from France. The official program of the 15th of November was filled with many presentations and a poster session. We also had the opportunity to visit the labs of the FEMTO-ST institute (the institute there linked to optics and photonics) and see some applications of lithium niobate in photonic. After the visit, the social part of the event started with a really nice appetizer and some French cheese, the evening continued then in a brewery close to the old city center. Such events are really nice to meet scientists in the field of optics and photonics and establish new connections in Europe.

ANKA visit – July 2011

OSKar visited ANKA, the synchrotron light source of the KIT at Campus North. The guided tour took place on July 06, 2011 during the shutdown period of the ring. Dr. Anke-Susanne Müller showed us the storage ring as well as e-gun, microtron and booster synchrotron. In addition, Dr. Timo Mappes explained some of the beamlines and what they are used for. The event was very well received.

KIT Open Day – July 2011

KIT’s Open Day at Campus East drew approximately 25000 visitors and OSKar was amongst the exhibitors with a so called carpet cloak on display which could be examined “live” using a microscope by anyone interested. The cloaking effect, which conceals a bump in a reflecting surface, stimulated many interesting discussion with the visitors about how one can understand the working principle of the cloak . The visitors afterwards often took the opportunity to see our other exhibits: Namely, Christian Wolff’s interactive, realtime, homebuilt simulator of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer waveguide geometry in a photonic crystal and the winning videos of last year’s Optics Visualized Contest.

Optical Labyrinth at the Karlsruhe Days of Optics and Photonics – June 2011

We contributed to the Karlsruhe Days of Optics & Photonics (KDOP) with an optical labyrinth. The goal of the game was to guide a laser beam through the labyrinth on a target. For that purpose, each player was given four mirrors and tried to find the way as fast as possible. Oding, KSOP Master student, aligned the mirrors in 29 seconds and won our top price – a small telescope sponsored by Carl Zeiss (the monocular “MiniQuick”). Congratulations!

Excursion to Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen – May 2011

OSKar went on an excursion to Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen on May 30th, 2011. Following a visit to the Carl Zeiss museum and a guided tour of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) production, we were given presentations on current developments in optical technologies.

IONS-Germany Erlangen – May 2011

The second IONS Germany meeting took place in Erlangen from 20th to 22nd of May and we did not miss it. hbar OMEGA, the OSA student chapter of Erlangen and the newly founded MPL Erlangen EPS Young Minds Section welcomed us and the chapters from Berlin, Munich and Ilmenau with a talk about preparation and submission of papers given by the senior editor Dr. Rachel Won, from Nature Photonics. After the talk we had a short lab tour in the university of Erlangen and then we enjoyed a delicious barbecue. The second day was intense and great, with lab tours in the morning at the Max Plank Institute, the presentations of the different student chapters in the afternoon in the Schloss, the visit to the Steinbach Bräu were we could enjoy the beer from Erlangen in the evening and a pub crawl at night. To finish the weekend, we had a guided tour through Nürnberg on Sunday. Our hosts did an excellent job organizing this event which joined science and fun one more time. We are looking forward IONS 1012!

Internship Icebreaker – April 2011

In order to bridge the gap between internship applicants and industry, OSKar has come up with an “Internship Icebreaker” event which was successfully held for the second time on April 19, 2011 in the HECTOR Auditorium of the International Department. In an exclusive session KSOP and Erasmus Mundus students introduced themselves while the companies had the opportunity to get to know the applicants in an interview. This year’s participating companies were Trumpf, Bosch, Carl Zeiss, Nanoscribe and Agilent Technolgies. Please also see the event’s Flyer.

Invited Guest Lecturer: Dr. James Bergquist – November 2010

In November 2010 our chapter was happy to welcome Dr. James Bergquist from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder, Colorado. We had invited Dr. Bergquist, who had received an OSA Travelling Lecturer award, to hold a talk on the topic of “Single Atom Optical Clocks” in the framework of the Friday Colloquium of the Faculty of Physics. Dr. Bergquist has worked in this field since finishing his PhD thesis in the group of Nobel laureate John Hall. His work has been recognised by numerous prices and recommendations ever since then.

His two-day visit encompassed tours of KIT’s Institutes of Applied Physics and Microtechnology, the ANKA synchrotron and the Nanoscribe GmbH, a local start-up company marketing laser lithography systems. On the second day of his visit we had a get-together with him and our faculty advisor Prof. Dr. Kurt Busch over lunch. Later an open and informal discussion between Dr. Bergquist, OSKar’s members and local students over coffee and cookies took place. Everyone was delighted by the presence of such a renowned scientist as Dr. Bergquist and took the opportunity to ask him about a wide range of topics including but not limited to his experiments in fundamental and high-precision science, career paths in science and his views and opinion on the different ways science is done around the world.

His talk, the highlight of his visit, followed this event. Professors, scientists, PhD students and undergraduate students filled the Lehmann auditorium to the brim. Dr. Bergquist then gave an account of how the techniques of optical cooling and entanglement in combination with cutting-edge equipment and thorough experiments can be harnessed to build one of the most accurate clocks in the world. Moreover, he described how this extremely precise clock can be used to make fundamental tests of basic physics.

We very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet a scientist with such a high standing as Dr. Bergquist and benefitted strongly from his input. Upon having returned to the USA, Dr. Bergquist wrote to us that he couldn’t recall to have ever been treated this nice. His visit also convinced us to hold more events with OSA’s Travelling Lecturers.

Optics Visualized Contest – June 2010

Our Optics Visualized Contest 2010 was held during the OSA Optics and Photonics Congress in Karlsruhe with its finale on 24th June 2010. The aim of this contest was to illustrate, instruct and promote concepts and phenomena in optics to the general public. We received more than thirty contributions from all over the world. Through the finale with a celebrated jury of Prof. Garmire (former OSA president) et al, a top price of two thousand dollars, as well as three others, was awarded out of the seven funny, inventive and thoughtful contributions presented. Prof. Haensch, Prof. Townes, Prof. Leuthold and many attendees of the congress also witnessed this event. OSKar received appreciation from OSA, contributors and attendees for organizing this contest. For more information and the contest results, please visit the contest’s home page.

IONS-Germany Berlin – June 2010

Our presence in IONS Berlin was the chance to introduce ourselves as a new conformed OSA Student chapter from Karlsruhe.
The activities included lab tours in the HU Berlin, TU Berlin, U Potsdam, Max Born Institute, as well as a presentation of all the attendant chapters. But it was not all about academics, our agenda also included a grill, sight seeing and boat tour in Berlin and a very remarkable guided tour through Potsdam. Our hosts in Berlin were very warm and made our stay in Berlin nice and instructive. We are looking forward to meet the other chapters again at the upcoming IONS!

Internship Icebreaker – April 2010

With the idea of giving the optics students a direct opportunity to contact companies in the field, we created the “Internship Icebreaker”.
In a very professional environment, representatives from selected companies in the field of optics and photonics expose the internships and master’s possibilities within their departments, while the students introduce themselves and directly enquire according to their interests.After our first intership icebreaker, we got very positive feedback from both parts: companies and students. On one side, the students established contacts that facilitated their selection for further internship positions, and on the other side the companies had the opportunity to get to know the applicants in a direct, formal and organized manner.
For this reason we have adopted the “Internship Icebreaker” as one of our regular events and it will take place once per year.

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