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Celebrating the Day of Photonics in KIT, October 2016

In what seemed like a very cloudy day to celebrate light, ended up being a very interesting environmental conditions that allowed to showcase some fun optical effects thanks to diffraction gratings and overcast.


Starting at 9 AM and with a very cloudy morning, the OSKar group setup a small tent in the Arbeitskreis Kultur und Kommunikation (Work group for culture and communication, in German) and presented the KIT students some of the more interesting optical experiment demonstrations, such as the thermal camera working principle, and some diffraction gratings.


Fortunately, the weather improved and the principle of diffraction gratings was able to be presented, using the sun to observe its spectrum, as well as some environmental effects such as atmospheric dispersion due to clouds.


Some students also used other light sources to observe its spectral components, discovering for instance that blue LEDs are not as blue as one would expect, or that some interesting patterns arise from using different light sources with diffraction gratings.


Many students were also interested in several of our future events, giving OSKar some visibility among the student organizations in KIT. How did you spend the day of photonics in your city? Tell us in the comments below!


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02. November 2016 by otorres
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