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High Power Fiber Lasers by Dr. Eilenberger

On May 18th OSKar had the privilege to host once again Dr. Falk Eilenberger of the Fraunhofer IOF institute in Jena, to talk about high power lasers, their design constraints and some future applications answering the question “so, how far in power can we go this time?”


The talk was mostly focused on fiber lasers, and covered everything from the basics of fiber lasers design and characterization, as well as some interesting applications for ultra-short pulse generation and high-power applications.


The questions and answer session posed some interesting perspectives from the students, curious to understand the underlying phenomena which was wonderfully explained by Dr. Eilenberger. The discussion was then shifted to the evening mixer where the conversation was continued by many of the students, as well as some former board members and OSKar participants that joined the talk.


Five generations of OSKar members together

23. May 2017 by otorres
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