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Highlights on SPIE Lecturer talk 2014

The SPIE Visiting Lecturer Program provides SPIE Chapters the opportunity to interact with world-class scientists and engineers specializing in optics and photonics. The chapter can choose any one listed in the SPIE Lecturer directory ( and contact them to get the possible dates for the Talk. Then, the chapter needs to inform the SPIE about the possible Talk and the approximate expenditure for the event. The SPIE reimburses for the travel and the hospitality of the speaker. For further details (

The SPIE Visiting Lecturer Talk was organized by the OSKar at KIT, Germany.
Speaker: Professor Lorenzo Pavesi, University of Trento.
Topic: Silicon Photonics: is there light at the end of the tunnel?
Date: 27th of October, 2014
Time: 6 – 9 pm
Place: Light Institute Technology (LTI) – KIT

Prof. Lorenzo Pavesi’s brilliance and sense of humor was evident from the start of the talk. The talk was primarily concentrated on Silicon photonics and Silicon Nano crystals, the advantages and disadvantages of the Silicon photonics and then how the disadvantages can be overcome. The talk lasted for about an hour and quarter. The interesting part of the talk was the questionnaire section. Prof. Lorenzo Pavesi was enthusiastic and had enough patience to answer all the questions which came from every part of the hall for about 45 minutes.

After quenching the thirst for knowledge, the real hunger was quenched with pizzas along with beers, juices, etc., The OSKar members had chances to interact personally with Prof. Pavesi during this party. OSKar likes to thank the SPIE for funding this event and is really proud that event was a grand success.
The efforts put up by the members of OSKar are highly appreciable. Looking forward for the other events this year!!!


A report by Kovendhan Vijayan -KSOP (EuroPhotonics) Master Student and an active OSKar member.

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