OSKar general meeting and board elections 2015

On the 23th of November 2015 the OSKar community met again for the general meeting and board elections of 2015. Our president (at the time), Patrick Rath, opened the meeting with the description of OSKar’s activities, board positions and their responsibilities, since all positions were to be renewed in these elections.

The next speakers were Roman Szatkowski and Orlando Torres, sharing new ideas and describing their experiences in the SPIE and OSA conferences in San Diego and San Jose, California.

After several rounds of voting, where over 30 participants took part, the result of this year’s elections is the following:

– President: Xiang Gao
– Vice President: Andrei Krochin
– Secretary: Orlando Torres
– Treasurer: Julian Dlugosch
– Public Relations: Isabel Allegro
– Photography and Design: Qianli Ma
– Event Coordinator: Aditya Poonja


Some of the old and new board members at the general meeting

We would like to give a big thanks to the board alumni Patrik Rath, Roman Szatkowski, Philipp Brenner, Daria Bezshlyakh, Vijayan Kovendhan, and Aso Rahimzadegan for their great work throughout the past 12 months. A special thanks to Patrik Rath and Philipp Brenner who had a huge impact on developing OSKar!


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