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OSKar general meeting 2014 & board elections

On Wednesday, November 26, the regular annual meeting of OSKar was held. Even though the meeting started in the evening on a workday, almost 20 people came to summarize our last year achievements and discuss next year activities.
Patrik Rath - OSKar president


Radwan - OSKar vice president

The meeting started with our President’s speech. Patrik Rath once again confirmed that OSKar is based not only on common scientific interest, but also on a strong friendship between members. Scientific conferences, industry excursions and career fairs are going together with lasertag, barbeque and traditional Stammtisch. The next speaker, our Treasurer Philipp Brenner, made a financial report, showing his outstanding skills in fund management.
OSKar membersOSKar elections
Then the election time has come. And if the President and Treasurer elections went smoothly (all those who came approved the extension of the term for Patrik and Philipp), then other positions were highly demanded, what made an atmosphere in the room to become tense. After several circles of voting, the renewed board was formed:

– President:   Patrik Rath
– Vice President:   Roman Szatkowski
– Treasurer:   Philipp Brenner
– Secretary:   Ralf Gao
– Public Relations & Publicity:   Daria Bezshlyakh
– Social Media & Outreach:   Aso Rehimzadegan
– Event coordinator:   Kovendhan Vijayan
OSKar membersPhilipp Brenner - OSKar treasurer

As the final part of the meeting, the budget for the next year and future events were planned. The most discussed questions were organization of IONS in Karlsruhe and special events for the International year of light. What we can say now, next year will be special and full of events for OSKar.


A report by Daria Bezshlyakh

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30. November 2014 by Patrik Rath
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