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Tag der Offener Tür 2017

On June 24th 2017, several institutions from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, got together in the north campus from 10 AM to share their work with the people of Karlsruhe in an event named “Day of the open door” or Tag der Offener Tür.

Ocurring right next to a marathon, many visitors joined to see the optical experiments explained by the students, with an added note that we spoke at least 8 languages to explain the optical phenomena presented in the booth.


Throughout the morning, many children came to the booth to play around with the experiments, being the diffraction grating glasses the most outstandingly interesting to many, as many options to understand the phenomenon were presented.


The event was supported by OSKar members well past the afternoon, when the lighting conditions were not appropriate to do the optical demonstrations.


09. July 2017 by otorres
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